NEW Alha Alfa - Suncreen + Foundation

Improved ingredients

A MUST - needed skin care/ makeup for your daily look. Daily application protect skin from harmful radicals of UVA and UVB rays ~ SPF 50

Why you need it?

  • Provide optimum protection 
  • Fast absorbing 
  • Non greasy / non sticky 
  • Moisturise / hydrate skin 
  • Water resistant 
  • Anti-oxidant to fight against free radicals 
  • Help to prevent premature aging 
  • Help prevent sunburn

Comes in 4 shades;

  • Light
  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Tan
  • Dark 

Suitable for all skin type. Light coverage. Best use with Alha Alfa Royal Propolis Compact Powder

Ingredients : Vitamin C & E, Centella Asiactica extract(CICA), Magnolia Sieboldil extract