Inai Republic Limited Edition - All You Ever Wanted

This beautiful trio of Inai Republic is a must for grab and even for gifts 

Comes in a beautiful leopard print box

  • Pink 
  • Maroon 
  • Red

All for 1 

  • Wudhu | Solat Friendly 
  • Strengthen and treat nails 
  • For Fungal protection 
  • Natural and Safe 
  • Lab tested and KKM approved 
  • Using natural ingredients 

How to use;

  • Clean nails from any dirt or oil 
  • Buff nails leaving it look neat and clean 
  • Clean nails from any debris (from buffing)
  • For nice, proper results, tape finger
  • Open lid & dip fingers in 
  • Leave it overnight

Colour of boxes will be given randomly