Faith Fleur Hair Mist

New look as from 2022.

Awarded by Beauty Insider Singapore as;

Best Haircare 2021 Best Hair Mist; Bloggers' Choice 2021

Faith Fleur Hair Mist is Rich with keratin and castor oil specially designed for your hair, they spritz the right amount of fragrance without weighing your tresses downis enriched formula leaving it softer, smoother and shinier hair. No more worries for smelly hair.

Simply spray anytime anywhere and many times each day. It protect hair from heat damage too. Best use also before and after blow-drying


  • For All Hair Types
  • Calms frizzy, colored or chemically damaged hair 
  • Comes in 2 size - 70ml / 150ml
  • Can be sprayed daily


  • Simply shake the bottle first to activate the scent molecules. 
  • Spray generously on all round your hair 
  • Acts as quick refreshening
  • Hair mists can even be used on second day hair
  • just use a dry shampoo prior to spritzing it on