Our Story

Lulu Beaute was established in Aug 2019 by Nura Jamil. Lulu means 'outstanding quality' - service, products and team. Beaute is Beauty and beauty matters, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

Beauty and fashion has always be our kryptonite!

Our outstanding products are carefully chosen for YOU and your loved ones. We made sure our products are lab tested certified and using only fine, natural ingredients!

"I was working in hospitality when I founded Lulu Beaute. I've worked in the service industry for more than 20 years and that has helped me to lead a great amazing team from different background and ethnicity. We the skills I have, I would like to share my experience to many others too! I'm glad that we have more than 100 team of distributors to dropshippers." -Nura Jamil, Founder of Lulu Beaute

Discover the beauty in you!

At Lulu Beaute, we want you to discover your beauty with our whole range of essential brands. We want to inspire you to find comfort and joy in yourself. Love, NJ