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Inai Republic

Inai Republic Henna Powder

Inai Republic Henna Powder

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Introducing to Inai Republic - Modern Henna 

The traditional way of using henna is definitely in powder. Not only for nails, it can be apply for hair too


  • Repairs damage & strengthen hair
  • Improve scalp quality
  • Promote hair growth 
  • Enhance hair colour 



  • Take 2 tablespoons or more to a small bowl 
  • Mixed with either concentrated tea, lime or lemon juice 
  • Ensure paste is thick and texture turns consistent 
  • Ensure nails are clean
  • Dress nails with paste as desire 
  • Leave till fully dry (overnight)


  • Shampoo & condition hair before applying 
  • Leave hair to dry before applying henna 
    Apply on hair thoroughly using brush applicator 
  • Wrap hair with shower cap
  • Leave till fully dry (overnight)
  • Rinse off with cold water thoroughly 
  • Avoid shampoo or condition hair (for at least 3 days) 

 100g | 250g

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